Meet the STYLISTS 


Tyler Whitley Seifu

Owner of Face & Body Atelier, lead brow artist, and body sugaring practitioner. With over 5 years experience in the beauty industry, Tyler has developed an expertise in customizing  gorgeous full brows and the Alexandria Professionals Full Circle Body Sugaring System.

 “Here at Face&Body Atelier, we strive to give the client an experience that caters to their face and body needs, educate them on growth and prevention, and how to treat and maintain throughout the weeks leading up to their session.”

Michai Ashley

Expert Esthetician and Makeup Artist. Specializing in full body chocolate waxing,  pre/post hair removal treatment, facials, and beauty makeup. Michai has mastered the art and technique of speed waxing which is known to be an effective, efficient, and expeditious esthetic practice.

  “There’s nothing like indulging in a chocolate body experience that will heighten your senses, leave your skin silky smooth and finish with a treatment that’s centered around maintenance and prevention.”

Kenyetta Corbin

Creator of Natural 4 Naturals Hair, Body & Self Care Products

At An Early Age Kenyetta Was Introduced To Natural Herbs & The Medicinal Healing Properties Of Essential Oils By Her Grandmother, Ernestine Corbin. For over 20 years, Kenyetta has taken pride In Self Care And Believes That The Power Of Natural Herbs & Essential Oils Not Only Heal, But Bring A Sense Of Empowerment To Oneself. 

The Goal And Vision As A Yoni Steam Therapist Is To Remind & Educate Women of The Power They Withhold. We Are The Creators, The One's That Give Life. The Womb Is How Every Being Exists. It Is Imperative For Every Woman To Know Just How Important Womb Wellness Is And The Value In Showing Self Love & Self Care To The Almighty Womb.